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8 Reasons It May Be Time to Look into an Assisted Living Community

Do you know someone who can’t climb their own stairs? Know anyone who forgets to take their medication? Find out eight big reasons you may want to think about doing some research into an assisted living community for your loved one or close friend.

It May Be Time to look into an Assisted Living

Assisted living communities offer independent seniors just enough help to let them continue living their lives to the fullest. Keep an eye out for these signs. It may be time for that senior to move into an assisted living community.

Wander Risk

The most common in individuals that are suffering from dementia. While many people with mild dementia are capable of living on their own, some tend to wander.  These individuals forget where they are going and why they left their home. If you know of a loved one or friend who is wandering, it may be time for a new living arrangement.

Accidents Occurring at Home

Home accidents are a huge issue in our senior population and can be fatal at times. If you know of someone who may be concerned about rugs, climbing stairs or just walking to a room in the house, it may be time to consider an assisted living community.

Managing Money or the Lack Thereof

Something to keep your eye on is the loved one’s bills. If they are not getting paid, despite the fact that they have plenty of money in their bank account. The senior could simply be forgetting to pay them, but this can harm their credit and more if it becomes habitual and goes unnoticed.

Personal Hygiene Issues

Have you noticed that a friend isn’t taking care of themselves? Whether you notice an odor suggesting that they aren’t showering, or messy clothing, or a general look of disarray, it may be time to consider an assisted living community.

Living Conditions

Do you know someone’s home has gone from being neat and tidy to cluttered and messy? This can lead to dirty and dirty is a health hazard. If they have not been taking care of their home, it may be time to address the elephant in the room…

Eating Habits Gone Astray

Have you noticed that a loved one has lost or gained unnecessary weight? A sign that they are not eating properly can greatly affect a senior’s health. Changes in eating habits may be another sign it may be time to move them into assisted living.

Medication Management

If a senior is prescribed a specific medication to take daily, and they’ve recently had any sort of mishap, it may be time to consider assisted living as an option. Medication mishaps can include forgetting to take the medication, taking the wrong medication, or being unable to remember whether or not you’ve already taken it that day.

Deteriorating Health Condition

An obvious reason to move a loved one out of their home would be a new or worsening health condition. Most assisted living communities are extremely helpful and vital for seniors with certain health conditions.

If you begin to see one or more of these signs, it could be time to make the move to an assisted living community. An alternative to moving out of their home is hiring an in-home care company.

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