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How To Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers

What are your website visitors doing while on your site? Are they just looking and leaving or do they stick around for a while? Do you know? Give that a little thought and then let’s continue. If you don’t know, don’t worry and freak out, I’ve got a quick fix for you that I use…

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How to Increase Sales With Online Customer Service

Have you ever had a question while viewing a product or service on a website? You’ve scrolled to the FAQs, but no answer. You’ve read the product description — twice — still no answer. Basically, little to no customer service. So what do you do? You leave. It’s no different than shopping at a store. If you…

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Consider Creating a Fun Name for Your Blog or Newsletter

Instead of just calling your newsletter a Newsletter, bring some personalization to the name. You need to get people’s attention. And If you’re already thinking you want a fun name but are struggling with creative newsletter names, I got your back. Read on my friend! So Why Email Newsletters or Blogs? Email and newsletter marketing is…

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8 Reasons It May Be Time to Look into an Assisted Living Community

Do you know someone who can’t climb their own stairs? Know anyone who forgets to take their medication? Find out eight big reasons you may want to think about doing some research into an assisted living community for your loved one or close friend. It May Be Time to look into an Assisted Living Assisted…

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TOP 5 Reasons Why It May Be Time to Update Your Website

Hi there! Yeah, so websites.  You think you nailed it, then bam! Back to the drawing board. The ever-evolving digital world makes it very difficult to keep up sometimes. New technology comes and yesterdays technology is out the door. Then you start seeing lower conversion rates or an increase in your website bounce rate. Now I know that…

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How to Create an Additional Revenue Stream as a Senior Placement Advisor

Ok, before starting let’s give Revenue Stream a definition, shall we. Possibly a new word for your brain bank or… maybe just a little refresher. Cambridge Dictionary says a revenue stream “is the money coming into a company from a particular activity over a period of time”. Recognizing the source I completely understand that finding…

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