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Build Your Own Website And Save The Money For a Marketing Campaign

What If I told you that you should feel confident in building your own website, would you believe me?

I love this topic because I’m one of these people.

So quick back story. Just about a year ago I needed a website a year ago for one of my new businesses I was starting. And like many of you, I went to Google to start my search.

I searched Website Designer and thoroughly went through some viable options. I spoke to several of the agencies I thought to be good based on my research. The conversations went well and I was able to find some companies within my budget that I felt comfortable building the website.

The Realization to Save the Money

After receiving their break down and cost for the project I was pleasantly surprised that both quotes came back under or right at budget. Everything I wanted was there to boot! Another plus.

Now, I’m the kind of person that likes to sit back and think about transactions in this capacity.

One, because the budget was $2,500. And in my mind, that’s a lot of money.

Two, I’m not in control. What if I want to do a weekend promotion or a Black Friday special? Or what if I want to add a call-to-action on my website?

I’m not only forced to rely on someone else for what should be quick and easy. But I would have to pay additional for these changes or additions, and who knew how much that was going to be. This is where the realization started to kick in.

I asked myself ‘Why?’ Why spend all this money and not be in control? Especially with something like a website. One of the most powerful marketing tools that you could possibly as a business today. So as a result, I went to educate myself.

Gaining the Knowledge

So with the big question of ‘Why’ now in my head, I went back to Google to gain some insight.

Now I wasn’t going in clueless, I knew that there were several companies out there that had created a website builder that someone could use to create their site. And again the search was on. I searched ‘website builder’ and that did the trick.

After going through several of the companies websites, two, in particular, stood out to me.

Weebly and Wix

Going through their websites I was immediately drawn into the magical world of website building. Drag and Drop website builder, no special coding, tutorials and self-help guides. I mean the list just goes on and on with the level and kinds of support they offer to their customers in assuring their success. Everything I could have wanted was now at my fingertips.

Mind. Blown.

I quickly emailed the two website design agencies and politely declined their services.


I first signed up for Weebly’s Free version. I found it to be a wonderfully accessible website builder that lets you create a great-looking site without having to know any code. Its drag-and-drop editing tool makes creating a web presence for your business extremely easy, even if you’re a complete beginner.

But if you’re handy or have a friend who is handy with CSS or HTML, Weebly gives you the option to add to your web page. Weebly has a built-in code editor that allows you to customize your site more extensively, a feature that Wix, unfortunately, does not have at this time.

Weebly is simple to use, versatile and a real value for your money. They have earned some excellent feedback from users, including entrepreneurs and small business owners. How about this, it currently powers more than 40 million websites, which works out to be just under 2% of all websites on the internet.


The next day I signed up for a free trial with Wix. Within a couple hours, I had built what I considered to my best website yet (at that point in time). It’s absolutely incredible how many features they are able to pack into their product and keep it easy and friendly to use. Plus they give you hundreds of templates to choose from, allowing you to choose the best fit.

From what I understand building a website used to be something only whiz coders could do. Or people who were rich enough to pay for a web designer to do it for them. I didn’t know anything about making a website a day ago and now I’ve just created two websites I am honestly proud of.

As you’ll discover when you try Wix, the platform is a fun powerful website builder all the while being extremely user-friendly and simple to use. I’ll put it like this, I’m a harsh critic only myself, hence the two I took to build my website, but it’s simple enough to let you build a site in minutes and sophisticated enough to keep up with you and your ambitions.If you have a look at some of the website examples that are created by Wix, they’re beautiful and professional.

Let the Creative Juices Flow

In conclusion, I invite and encourage you to take control of your most powerful marketing tool. Whether you choose Wix or Weebly to build your website, making that realization to better yourself and your business is the first step. And let me tell you, that first step snowballed into many first steps allowing the business and myself to grow substantially.

I believe that in this fast-paced world we live in, we need to be flexible enough to adjust to the changes at a moments notice.  Or at least be moderately flexible to stay relative to your customer. That should be important enough to create your own website.  Now go! Go get your creativity on!

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