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Consider Creating a Fun Name for Your Blog or Newsletter

Instead of just calling your newsletter a Newsletter, bring some personalization to the name. You need to get people’s attention. And If you’re already thinking you want a fun name but are struggling with creative newsletter names, I got your back. Read on my friend!

So Why Email Newsletters or Blogs?

Email and newsletter marketing is still one of the top marketing strategies proven by businesses today. And why, you ask? People like email because have more control over email than, say, social media. They can opt in and opt out easily, they can choose whether to open an email or not, and they can delete emails they don’t like.

Businesses like email because people check their email! Email marketing gives you the ability to reach audience members who want to be reached, to be creative, to keep current customers up to date on deals, products, and news, and to nurture leads into paying customers.

Approaches to Take with Newsletter Names

In addition to having catchy and effective subject lines, you can also use the email newsletter name itself to increase the appeal of your emails and maybe even increase open rates. Here are some of the common tactics you can use to come up with creative newsletter names:


Simple rhyme schemes can be catchy and memorable. Choose a root word to build off of that ties into your business or simply use your business’s name:

• Renegade Arcade’s Cheat Sheet
• Letters from a Trendsetter
• The Pet Gazette

Online tools like come in great if you want a name that rhymes.


Using words that begin with the same letter or sound falls under this category. Alliteration has been shown to focus a reader’s attention on specific sections of text and generate a natural rhythm. Specific sounds may also suggest various undertones. For instance “s” may strike a memory of a snake which implies a menacing quality.

• Monday Morning Memo
• Runner’s Review
• The Daily Dispatch


A pun uses a word or phrase’s double meaning to its advantage. These are particularly popular as they’re often humorous and clever:
• The Daily Press – would be great for a coffee shop!
• Fresh Thoughts – works for a grocer or florist
• Between the Lines – a tattoo shop

Common Phrases in your Industry

Creative email newsletter names can also use industry jargon to grab a reader’s attention. If you have a very specific niche and you’re only targeting individuals in your field, this can be very effective in garnering a greater following:

• The Jury’s Account
• The Paper Mill


Treat your newsletter like a place that people stop in on from time to time. This helps create an atmosphere for the reader.

• Corner
• Factory
• Mill
• Hub
• Space

Words for Creative Newsletter Names

Start brainstorming words that you feel describe your business or the content of your newsletters, write them down then find synonyms for those words. You’ll end up with a slew of options but we’ll get you started with some basic choices:

Community Newsletters

If you’re connecting with a wide customer base, use words that suggest the information will be useful to readers and their daily lives:

• Roundup (Neighborhood Roundup)

• Bulletin (Lakeview Bulletin)

• Living (Desert Living)

Leadership and Innovation

Looking to establish yourself as an authority in your field? Your newsletter title can help present you to your readers as an industry expert. Choose words from the ones below:

• Forecast (Forecast from Wall Street)

• Front (Communications from the Frontline)

• Edge (Thoughts from the Razor’s Edge)

Support Focused

A newsletter which dispenses advice or support should make that as clear as possible to readers. These words will get your point across clearly from the start:

• Doctor (Notes from the Doctor’s Desk)

• Advice (Advice for the College Freshman)

• Center (The Small Business Center)

Timely Newsletters

If you’re providing regular updates, choose a name that suggests that. Go-to words would be:

• Update (The Daily Update)
• Pulse (Pulse of the City)
• Scoop (Get Scooped)
• Buzz (Buzzworthy News)

If the aim of your newsletter is to provide insights or information, choose more knowledgeable words or phrases:
• Thoughts (A Mother’s Thoughts)
• Report (The Philanthropic Report)
• Insights (Physician’s Insights)

Don’t be afraid to get your creative juices flowing! Be cognizant of your audience and look for creative newsletter titles that will appeal to them and their interests. Using the suggestions provided and your own expertise about your ultimate goal in having a newsletter, I have faith you’ll create an amazing name.

Happy writing!

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