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TOP 5 Reasons Why It May Be Time to Update Your Website

Hi there! Yeah, so websites.  You think you nailed it, then bam! Back to the drawing board.

The ever-evolving digital world makes it very difficult to keep up sometimes. New technology comes and yesterdays technology is out the door. Then you start seeing lower conversion rates or an increase in your website bounce rate.

Now I know that we all can’t keep up with every single little tech product that hits the market, but having somewhat of an idea puts you light years ahead of your competition. And being aware that changes do occur in the tech world that can effects your website, well that’s a great start.

OK, let’s get you aware!

Mobile Friendly

This is a big one right now.  Apple and Samsung made it easy and fun to use your phone, flipping here, finger swiping there. And with tech companies creating apps and solutions to use via your phone, no wonder why PC and laptop usage is down and mobile is up.

So much so, that you could expect your website traffic to be around 75% mobile.

So, have you ever looked at your website on your phone?

If the answer is no, you need to add it to your list of things to do. Especially if it’s been a couple years since you’ve built it or last managed it. Your site not being mobile friendly will kill your conversion rate and make your bounce rate skyrocket.

Definition time! I keep using the term Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate so I wanted to quickly go over these. Your Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who use action on your website, either by clicking a button, filling out a form or reading a blog. Your Bounce Rate is the percentage of website visitors who only view the front page and then exit after looking at only one page.

Website Ranking

According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

In other words, this would be your organic results triggered when somebody searches within Google, Bing! or Yahoo. Knowing the importance of SEO and the effects it can have on your business is only one part. The other part is knowing what to do about it and where to go to get help. And If you want more traffic going to your site, which can, in turn, equal more sales then you may want to address your SEO.

Subscribing to an SEO platform that truly encompasses all facets of search engine optimization.

One that I’ve been using for a while now is SEMrush.  This product really is the whole package for small business when it comes to SEO, simple to use and they have wonderful customer support if there are any questions. Another company I have a lot of respect for is SERankings, they have built an amazing platform that really helps owners understand search engine optimization.

Converting Website Visitors

OK, ready for a sizeable phrase. Conversion Optimization, another massively important piece to the core purpose of your website. Why spend all this time coming up with great content to drive organic traffic to your site, just to have them leave with no trace. Having the right call-to-action in the right place is key.

I’m sure you’ve noticed quaintly placed boxes that appear after you’ve been on a website for a period of time. And like them or not, they work and they work well. Optin Monster is one of the pioneers in this space and has accumulated a massive library of awesome features to increase your conversion rate and eventually your bottom line.  Not only is it worth it, it’s actually a lot of fun!

This is where you can really get those creative marketing juices flowing.

Customer Service

Hello! This one is a big one! Having the capability to chat with a potential customer who visits your website in real time is so powerful. You can answer any questions that they may have regarding your product or service and you may not know it, but it starts the process of trust building. Like I said, this is a big one.

A year ago we installed LiveChat to several of our websites and the outcome was unbelievable. Visitors asked questions during business hours and left messages on off hours.

The real kicker here is that our sites saw a 38% increase in our newsletter subscriptions and a 22% rise in sales.

Double Check and Test

One of the most embarrassing things is to find a misspelling on your page months or years after it was created. Or to find out that one of your call-to-action buttons ended up going nowhere. This is a simple fix, yet the errors continue to exist or even multiply when more site pages are created.

Instead of paying an office assistant to double check the website, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family to peruse the site to help find errors or dead links. Not only will it save your company the money to have someone else do it, you get a new set of eyes which is always beneficial.

Let the Updating Commence

I hope this article has shed a little light on some of the things you should be aware of in today’s website world. As long as you remember that this is an ever-changing and to stay relevant you need to keep with the times. And in this case, by updating one of your most important marketing tools and sources you will stay relevant for the near future.

Don’t be complacent — Stay relevant. Stay Aware.

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